Stonewash & Bloom Giveaway

Not only am I totally excited about our new sponsor but she has put together an amazing giveaway just for My Life By Hand readers!

This is Stacey...she is the amazing little lady from Stonewash and Bloom...

( Isn't she gorgeous? )

Take it away Stacey..
"Hello lovely My Life By Hand readers! I am very excited to do this giveaway, and hope you are equally excited about the headband up for grabs. (A big thanks to Elizabeth for hosting!)
 This item is a personal favorite of mine, and just perfect for summertime.
If any of ya'll have birthdays in July be sure to stop over at my blog Stonewash & Bloom to enter our Birthday Package Giveaway going on this month, where you get to choose any item you wish if you win!
So exciting, I know! Who wouldn't want yet another birthday present, right? 
 Even if you don't win either giveaway,  you can still grab 15% OFF the Stonewash & Bloom Etsy shop until Monday! Good luck!"

This is the beauty up for grabs!!!
Check it out here

Stacey is giving you 3 ways to enter...
First you must become a public follower of My Life By Hand.
Second you must become a public follower of Stonewash & Bloom.
Third you must like Stonewash & Bloom on Facebook!
For each entry please leave a separate comment!
Please do not forget to include your e-mail address as this will be how we contact you!
The giveaway will end Thursday June 30th at midnight and the winner will be announced Friday morning!

I wish everyone the best of luck and I would like to give a big thank you to Stacey for giving you all a chance to win an awesome headband!!!


I Spy A Sponsor...

I was so excited when Stacey from Stonewash & Bloom contacted me about a sponsorship spot for My Life By Hand! She is the sweetest little thing and her blog is beautiful and her etsy shop...ummm...ah-mazing!!! She also has giveaways at the end of every month on her blog for readers with birthdays in that month! Isn't that sweet! I love it! She will also be hosting a giveaway for you super awesome lovelies as well! Show this little lady some love and check out her blog and etsy shop! I promise your going to love it! I know I do!!!
Here are a couple of my favorites from her shop


A giveaway and 30 Day Shred

First off have you visited Along For The Ride yet? If not you have to run on over and check it out! Not only is Laura super amazing but her blog is beautiful!!! I'm hosting a giveaway with her today and you just might be the next lucky winner! So...after you finish reading this go take a look!!!

So today was my first day doing the 30 Day Shred...I'm so done for!!! I'm just wondering how I'm going to do it again tomorrow because I know I'm going to be so sore!!! Ever since I had my little man I just cant lose these 10 extra pounds and its really frustrating me! I cant take it anymore so I thought I would try it and see how it works! Don't worry I will let you know my progress...as long as I don't pass out from a heat stroke!


Photo Shoot...

So my sister is an amazing photographer and I needed some new pics for my etsy shop so who better to take some photos then her!!! We packed up the boys and off we went...mind you I'm supposed to be the model for these pics...I'm so not model material! First of all doing a photo shoot with two boys ages 1 1/2 is never a good idea! They kept taking off...wanting to get in the picture...climbing on us...it was crazy, but despite all the madness and me being not cut out for the camera...she got these...

Thanks sista! I love you!

P.S Tomorrow were having another photo shoot but this time no babies and a beautiful model!


I hope you know...

I hope you know that I love you...I love you more than I will ever know how to tell you! I love you because your you! I love you for who you will be and where you will go! I love you more everyday and I love you in every way! I love you when your mad and when your sad! For everything your not because its just you!!! Everything I do I do for you! I live my life for you! I love you for teaching me the meaning of what life is all about! I love you for making me a better person! Its because of you I see the beauty in everything! I hope you know that I will never judge you no matter what! Ever! No mistake you make in life will ever change my love for you! You will always have a friend in me! Your smile and how your nose wrinkles up when you do, your cry, your whine that's ever so nasally, your laughter that comes from the bottom of your belly, your voice your sweet voice, your soft actions, and the sweetness in your heart! It all infects me with a happiness I have never known before! I now know what the meaning of what my life is! Its you! Its to teach you, to cry with you, to laugh with you, to love you, to make mistakes, to learn, to grow, to live!!! I hope you know what you mean to me my little man! Everything! You mean everything! I love you so much!!!
Love Mommy!!!