A giveaway and 30 Day Shred

First off have you visited Along For The Ride yet? If not you have to run on over and check it out! Not only is Laura super amazing but her blog is beautiful!!! I'm hosting a giveaway with her today and you just might be the next lucky winner! So...after you finish reading this go take a look!!!

So today was my first day doing the 30 Day Shred...I'm so done for!!! I'm just wondering how I'm going to do it again tomorrow because I know I'm going to be so sore!!! Ever since I had my little man I just cant lose these 10 extra pounds and its really frustrating me! I cant take it anymore so I thought I would try it and see how it works! Don't worry I will let you know my progress...as long as I don't pass out from a heat stroke!

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