Mucho Love!!!

I just want to thank Nichelle over at Vintage Wanna Bee for hosting my very first giveaway! She is such an amazing little lady! If you haven't checked out her blog yet I highly advise you to go here and check it out! Your going to love it! I cant wait for my next giveaway!


Pinterest I love you!!!

I stumbled across this website today and I'm not only totally IN LOVE but OBSESSED! Its a place people tag their favorite items, ideas and just lots of awesomeness!!! Here are just a few of my favorite things! Go here to check it out but beware...your going to fall hard and fast!!!

This is my favorite style ever!!!

I want all of this!!! Loving the stripes and red shoes!!!

This ones for my sista!!!

I couldn't have needed this more than today!!!!


Woo Hoo!!!

I'm so excited to announce that my very first giveaway is taking place as I type! I have been following this amazing blog called Vintage Wanna Bee! If you haven't checked out this blog you have to take a look! Not only is she the cutest thing ever but she is so talented too! She is also the amazing little lady that is hosting my giveaway today! I'm giving one lucky reader a chance to win $20 dollars towards anything in my etsy shop! I'm also giving a 20% code to anyone who visits her blog ( you can get the code here ). So if you have a chance head over here to Nichelle's blog take a look around and enter yourself in a giveaway! You could be the lucky winner!!!


Cake Anyone?

This is not a cake recipe post but it is a lovely way to display one! I have seen these things all over the Internet and I have wanted to make one so bad and I finally made it to the Dollar Tree store up the street! I'm so excited to share it with you and I hope you like...

2 candle stick holders
1 plate
527 Glue
Spray Paint ( what ever color you want )

First your going to want to take your plate and spray paint it...this takes a while cause you have to let it dry and then flip it over and do the back and I had to do 2 coats on each side. I didn't finish till night time but after this part its easy peasy...
Once you paint your plate your going to take the 2 candle stick holders and you going to glue them together like so...

When that's dry and sturdy then your going to take your plate and glue that sucker to the top. I personally am uncoordinated and didn't get it center on the first, second or third try and it messed up the paint on the bottom but when I make another one I'm going to try and get it right the first time... Anyways...that's it. Your done! Told you easy peasy and can I just tell you these babies aren't cheap. At least the ones I have seen! Now bake a cake and enjoy! I'm gonna!

Oh and you can also paint the candle stick holders if you want and I was thinking too you could mod podge the top!! So cute!!


Being Real...

Being a wife and mother...
At times your going to feel alone
Your going to break
You will feel guilty A LOT
You can lose sight of who you are
You will cry more
Your going to hate your body
Your going to find yourself jealous of people who don't have this responsibility
Your going to wish you had a tree house way up high where you could go and get away from it all...

These are some of things I have felt since being married and having my child. Now don't get me wrong I love my husband and my child more than anything but no one ever tells you the painful things. Sure they tell you oh its going to be hard or wait till this happens or wait till that. Those are the things we are expecting anyway...the late nights, the arguing, the crying, the diaper changing etc...Those, at least for me, I was prepared for but the others...hit me hard! Admitting that I have felt this way is hard. Its not easy admitting to yourself or others that you don't have the perfect life when that's all you ever thought it would be. Sometimes the way things appear to be on the outside are not always what they really are. I read a lot of blogs and see these woman and think wow they seem to have it all...I don't want anyone to ever think that about me! While it would be nice...Its not the truth and I want you to know whats true about me, what you can't always see from the surface, and to always be able to share yourself with me!


Chiken Tortilla...thingy...

So I'm not Susie homemaker by any means and cooking is my least favorite thing to do but I have a recipe that I would like to share...Its super easy totally tasty and can be made in advance which I love!!! I re-did the original recipe and kinda made my own version...I hope you like it!

1 whole chicken ( like the kind that are already cooked at the store )
1can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 small can green chilies
10 flour tortillas
1/2 pound cheddar cheese
1/2 pound jack cheese
1/2 cup milk

Pre heat oven to 350
First I take the chicken and shred the chicken breast and put it into a large mixing bowl. Then I add the cream of chicken and cream of mushroom to the shredded chicken along with any juice that is left from the chicken. You can save the rest of the chicken for something else. You will only need the chicken breast. Then I take the chilies and add that to the mix as well. I'm not a big fan of chilies so I only use half a can but you can use the whole thing if you want. Now that the mix is done I take a  glass dish ( I don't know how big like maybe a 11x16 ) and I grease the bottom with some oil just a little. I cover the bottom with tortillas and then add half my chicken mix on top then I sprinkle some cheese and lay another layer of tortillas on top. Put the rest of the chicken mix on and a little more cheese and then another layer of tortillas. Once I do that I put the rest of the cheese on top and pour my milk on top. Cover with foil and bake for 45 min. Enjoy...


Been gone far too long...

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting...I have been crafting like a mad woman trying to get some headbands made!!! I have added new items to my etsy shop and can finally slow down a little! So...just when you thought you have seen the last of me...BAM! Here I am! I will be trying to organize my time a little and make a schedule for my posts and hopefully it will allow me to bring you some more exciting things!!! So for starters... I will be posting tutorials every Tues and Thurs beginning next week. The other days of the week...well I haven't quite figured out what I'm doing but I do have a few ideas running around in my little head!!! So stay tuned for whats to come!