Being Real...

Being a wife and mother...
At times your going to feel alone
Your going to break
You will feel guilty A LOT
You can lose sight of who you are
You will cry more
Your going to hate your body
Your going to find yourself jealous of people who don't have this responsibility
Your going to wish you had a tree house way up high where you could go and get away from it all...

These are some of things I have felt since being married and having my child. Now don't get me wrong I love my husband and my child more than anything but no one ever tells you the painful things. Sure they tell you oh its going to be hard or wait till this happens or wait till that. Those are the things we are expecting anyway...the late nights, the arguing, the crying, the diaper changing etc...Those, at least for me, I was prepared for but the others...hit me hard! Admitting that I have felt this way is hard. Its not easy admitting to yourself or others that you don't have the perfect life when that's all you ever thought it would be. Sometimes the way things appear to be on the outside are not always what they really are. I read a lot of blogs and see these woman and think wow they seem to have it all...I don't want anyone to ever think that about me! While it would be nice...Its not the truth and I want you to know whats true about me, what you can't always see from the surface, and to always be able to share yourself with me!

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