Cake Anyone?

This is not a cake recipe post but it is a lovely way to display one! I have seen these things all over the Internet and I have wanted to make one so bad and I finally made it to the Dollar Tree store up the street! I'm so excited to share it with you and I hope you like...

2 candle stick holders
1 plate
527 Glue
Spray Paint ( what ever color you want )

First your going to want to take your plate and spray paint it...this takes a while cause you have to let it dry and then flip it over and do the back and I had to do 2 coats on each side. I didn't finish till night time but after this part its easy peasy...
Once you paint your plate your going to take the 2 candle stick holders and you going to glue them together like so...

When that's dry and sturdy then your going to take your plate and glue that sucker to the top. I personally am uncoordinated and didn't get it center on the first, second or third try and it messed up the paint on the bottom but when I make another one I'm going to try and get it right the first time... Anyways...that's it. Your done! Told you easy peasy and can I just tell you these babies aren't cheap. At least the ones I have seen! Now bake a cake and enjoy! I'm gonna!

Oh and you can also paint the candle stick holders if you want and I was thinking too you could mod podge the top!! So cute!!

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