Pillows Please...

Here's a little pillow tutorial for you...

Stencil of your choice
Fabric paint
Sponge Brush
Paper Scrap
Fabric ( pillow )

So here's what I did...

Step 1
I sewed up my pillow (make sure to leave an opening to stuff it after you paint it).
Now I'm not the best sewer but this was actually pretty easy.
I think because my fabric has no pattern so I didn't have to make it super perfect except for the lines of course but anyway...
Step 2
After I sewed my pillow I got my stencil, paint, paper scrap, and sponge and I simply placed the stencil in the middle, placed my paper scrap inside under the stencil, and painted it with fabric paint ( I'm using the velveteen fabric paint ).
I wasn't sure if I should let it dry first before I used the iron on the paint so I waited about 10 min. it was still wet but it worked...
Step 3
Put your iron on steam and place it about 1 inch above the design and watch it puff up!
Step 4
Once its all dry...stuff your pillow to your liking!
Step 5
Sew that little baby up and enjoy!!!

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