The Letter H!

My sister came to me with this idea and I loved it! You can check her out here! Shes pretty amazing if I must say so myself! Not just cause she's my sister but the best mommy ever and she's also my biggest fan! I love her to pieces and would do anything for her! Now on to the tutorial...

First gather your supplies:
Wood board
Glue Gun
Cut out letter
Paint brush

Your going to take your fabric and cover your piece if wood with it so it looks like so ( I used a glue gun to do this )...
and add your letter to the fabric with some tape.

Take your paint and brush and go to town. Make sure you get a good coat. It will help the letter stand out more.

Once it has dried remove your letter and wha la...

Amazing right? I just love it! I cant wait to make a million more. It was super easy too! I was also thinking wouldn't it be so cute to make birds or flowers!?! Hope you enjoyed it!

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