Hello me at 16...

So the lovely lady over at Little Miss Momma has challenged us to write a letter to ourselves at 16. I love this idea so I thought I would give it a try...

Dear 16 year old Elizabeth,
      Slow down! Don't force yourself to grow up so fast! This moment will be some of the best in your life! Enjoy them! Every minute of them because one day your going to look back and wish you had held on a little longer...a little tighter!
      When you have your first panic attack in Spanish class...Know that its okay to be scared and that the people who love you the most will be there holding your hand every step of the way! Don't be embarrassed of it. It will shape you into who you will be!
      Your first date is going to be amazingly perfect! He will be your first love and you will remember this night and him forever! Make sure that when you find out some bad news later to just forgive him and love him more because you will know in your heart he didn't do it. Hold on to this time with him because its your first love and even though he isn't your last nothing else will compare! When the time comes to move on...don't be sad for long because you will remain friends and a different kind of love will be in store for you!
      The nights when your driving your best friend home...drive slower because you will look back and wish you had all the extra seconds in the world to be with her! She's going to leave for college and your going to think your world is over but the hurt will pass and you will visit her and make more memories! She will be your best friend until the end of days!
      Know that your parents don't hate you! They are only protecting you! One day you will know how it feels to love something beyond this world! Until then listen and respect their wishes! They really do want what is best for you!
      Enjoy sharing a room with your sister! Its going to be something you wish you could do again when you don't! Spend more time with her than your friends! She will be your rock for everything so treat her right! She might think your annoying and you might think she despises you but trust me she loves you so much! Give her hugs and be there for her every chance you can!
      Most of all...love who you are! Be as good of a friend as you would like to have and love with everything you have! Your life is going to be more than you ever dreamed! I promise you! I know!!!
                                                         Love you at 26!

Now its your turn...what would you tell yourself looking back on how your life has played out so far...I would love to read your letter so leave a comment if you would like!!!

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